Caring + Experienced Practitioners on Our Doorstep

In 2014, recognizing our need to significantly revamp a two-week residential program preparing adults to live and work outside of their passport country, we asked Global Learning Partners for help. GLP facilitators, Peter Noteboom and Jeanette Romkema had already been involved as trainers of our trainers from 2004-2011 through Learning to Listen and Learning to Teach courses. We value this input and continue to ask new trainers to attend Foundations of Dialogue Education programs with Jeanette. As we were implementing concepts and practices expressed in such words as “learner”, “facilitation”, “achievement-based objectives”, “learning tasks”, “LNRA”, “core values?”, “8 steps of design”, and “4As”, we realized our materials needed serious attention. We also didn’t know how to measure our effectiveness and that learning, transfer of learning and impact were happing in and through the lives of the learners participating in the programs. So once again, Jeanette helped us to forge a new path as we together designed new and engaging activities for the learners and a training manual.

We are blessed to have such caring and experienced Dialogue Education (DE) practitioners on our doorstep. Jeanette has so sensitively listened to our needs and modelled at every step along the way, the principles and practices of DE. The photo below of Andy Atkins, who passed away in June 2020 in the light shirt on the left illustrates to us a person who so naturally practiced DE. He was not afraid of silence and sensitively listened and invited discussion. You can also see from the materials around the room that learning is happening and being celebrated. Thank you Global Learning Partners for having a big impact on the way we deliver our MissionPREP programs as we help people learn to cross cultures.

Denise Duggan

Administrative Manager


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