Muhammad H. Al Zoubi

Muhammad Al Zoubi

Muhammad H. Al Zoubi has been a Global Learning Partners (GLP) Certified Dialogue Education™ Practitioner (CDEP) since 2011 and a Certified Dialogue Education™ Teacher (CDET) since 2012. As a firm believer in the power of meaningful dialogue as a lever for action and change, Muhammad has started applying the principles and practices of Dialogue Education™ in all his teachings, consulting work, trainings, and working methodology which he incorporates at his work as a Program Manager at the Noor Al Hussein Foundation (NHF)/King Hussein Foundation (KHF) in Jordan.

Muhammad has 30+ years of experience in community socio-economic development, capacity-building and business development services and is a regional and national expert in the field of establishing and developing SMEs. He has vast experience in establishing, developing and managing business incubators throughout Jordan in addition to his exceptional abilities in dealing with and motivating the local communities and the operating Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). Moreover, Muhammad has several years of experience in handicraft training, and establishing and supervising handicraft production units in Jordan and across the region.

In addition to being a Certified Dialogue Education Teacher with Global Learning Partners, Muhammad is a certified trainer with the International Labor Organization (ILO-SYB and IYB) and an accredited expert from the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) /Arab Center for Human Resource Development (ACHRD). He is a training manual development expert in the fields of SMEs development, CBOs and CSOs’ capacity-building for vocational and technical industries in Jordan and the region. It is worth mentioning that Muhammad has developed over 50 training manuals in the various fields of development. Moreover, Muhammad has extensive knowledge and skills in managing and delivering over 800 specialized field trainings on community mobilization, business management, entrepreneurship, feasibility studies, business plans, proposal writing and CBOs’ capacity-building, interpersonal skills, training of trainers and training manual preparation mechanisms in Jordan and the region, including Syria, Morocco, Oman, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

Muhammad proudly worked with his CDET colleagues Ms. Dina Shafaqouj and Ms. Saba Yassin under the supervision of Global Learning Partners Senior Consultant Ms. Jeanette Romkema on conducting training programs to certify trainers in different institutions in Jordan as part of FHI360’s USAID Civic initiatives Support Program. He supported and mentored these potential CDEPs to prepare their training manuals to be eligible for certifications and support them to successfully apply principles and practices of Dialogue Education™ their work.

Not only has Muhammad started applying the Dialogue Education approach in all the training programs he conducts, but has also started designing new curricula that is built upon the learners’ actual needs so that they become the decision-makers of what has to be taught and how. One significant change is that Muhammad is now evaluating the curriculum design before, during and after the learning process.

Muhammad currently resides in Jordan and speaks Arabic, English and Italian. He holds a B.A. degree in Technical Education from Niyla University in Sudan in addition to a Diploma in Textile & Weaving Engineering from Al Huson Polytechnic, Jordan.

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