Jo Romano, CPS, CCC

Jo Romano

Jo Romano, CPS, CCC is President of Green Mountain Consulting, Coaching, and Training, a company that provides quality planning, personalized technical assistance services and training.

Jo is a Certified Dialogue Education teacher and an advocate for the Jane Vella adult dialogue education approach to learning. “I had been successfully training for 15 years.  I took the Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach course and it literally changed the way I think, train and relate to learners. I felt confident, clear about the purpose of my designs and delivery and gained accolades from participants”. My trainings became relevant, immediately useful, and meaningful to learners.  It also was a relief to learn how to design a well-thought out training, put the time in up front in the design, so when I got to the training it was easy and effortless to facilitate”.

Jo is a Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist and Certified Comprehensive Professional and Life Coach.  She is co-founder of the Turning Point Recovery Center in Barre, Vermont and a master designer and trainer for the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy.

Jo provides consulting, coaching and training to individuals, families, private businesses, non-profit agencies, and pre-K – 12 schools, colleges, substance abuse prevention community coalitions and States nationwide.  She is associated with Dale Carnegie VT and the Substance Abuse Mental Heath Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Northeast Center for the Application of Prevention Technology (CAPT) as a Training and Technical Assistance Provider to States. She served as TA provider to 13 GRAA (Grants to Reduce Alcohol Abuse) grantees in the Northeast. Jo is a trainer of trainers on design and curriculum development.  She served the VT Judiciary as a Superior Court Clerk administrator and Human Services as a prevention consultant for 19 and 16 years, respectfully.

Jo’s specialties include adult learning training design and delivery, mentoring facilitators, substance abuse prevention and recovery, co-occurring, systems change, strategic planning, leadership coaching for managers and their direct reports, team trust building, retreats, workplace climate and community organizing.  Her training specialties include How to Manage as Coach, time management, motivational interviewing, employee engagement, positive learning and workplace climate and SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework 5 Steps: Assessment, Capacity, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation encompassing Cultural Competency and Sustainability. Jo designs and delivers half-day workshops to five-day trainings.

Jo developed the Coaching Inner Circle Program, where she teaches coaching competencies based on best practices and The Portable Coach by Thomas Leonard and Co-Active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life by Laura Whitworth, Henry and Karen Kimsey-House to parents, teachers, youth, social workers, community organizers, clergy, managers and employees.

Jo is co-author of: The Preparation Manual for the Written Prevention Specialist Examination for the IC&RC International Training Program; Worried About Someone’s Drinking, How to Open Up the Conversation in a Caring and Non-Judgmental Way; and Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse: Myths and Facts. She has written on topics such as managing a learning organization, employee engagement, safe and welcoming culture in the workplace, self-development, substance abuse and divorce, domestic violence, adoption and parenting.  She produced The Courage to Raise Good Men and Women: Hot Topics for Parents, an 18 CD audio set and The Lawyer Tele-summit on Life, Career, and Business Practice.

She can be reached at 802 229- 5256,, and

Jo lives in Montpelier Vermont USA surrounded by green and snowy mountains with her wonderful husband Dan and adult children in nearby towns.  Life is not complete without her trusty dog, Scooter.

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