Samia Abu Goush

Samia Abu Goush

I work in the field of consulting services for investors and new entrepreneurs to ensure the success and sustainability of their projects. I do this through the following:

1.      Development of project ideas.

2.      Preparing economic feasibility studies for projects

3.      Development of market studies

4.      Development of projects

5.      Offering financial advisory services

  • Determine financial requirements
  • Offer financial advice
  • Help entrepreneurs apply for funding
  • Follow up with financial institutions

6.      Providing training, including training workshop, lectures, awareness of investment ideas, encouraging the establishment of projects, providing training courses to help develop managerial, marketing and financial skills

7.      Preparing and certifying job seekers from universities and colleges, including providing preparation courses for the work environment and enriching their personal experiences by giving them the opportunity to obtain practical training at host institutions.

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