Sahem Al-Tarawneh

Sahem Al-Tarawneh

Since my graduation I have participated in many training courses and workshops in a variety of fields, the most important of which are local and human development.

Since 2002, I have implemented a wide range of training courses and workshops in the field of small business development, management and marketing.

In 2018, I designed a Diploma in Design and Management of Development Programs, which was funded by the Knights of Development and Change Program and supported by Mu’tah University. There the methodology of dialogue-based learning was used for designing the training content of the program.

I am currently a member of the Jordan Agricultural Engineers Association, Vice President of Al Waha Society for Social Development, Chairman of Youth Moab Association and Project Manager in Al-Saheel Association for Political Development, General Manager of Al-Wahat Development and Training Company, and a member of the Association of Jordanian Administrative Consultants and Trainers.

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering in 1994 from the University of Jordan I went to work in the agricultural sector where I established a special project to provide agricultural consultations with a group of my colleagues. Due to my growing expertise in the field of agricultural consultancy and landscaping I moved to work at Zara Trade and Agriculture as Director of the Department of Health. There I invested in the advertising sector.

In 2002, I joined the Program of Productivity Centers, which is one of the programs of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

I worked in the program as a field consultant in the center of Ghor al-Safi until the year 2007 and then as a consultant to the center of Madaba until 2010, where I was chosen to become the Director of the Southern Region. I then moved to work as the Director of the North in the same program after 2011. In  2015, I became Director of the Department of Development Studies, where I remain today.

During my tenure I have gained extensive expertise in several areas, including management, community development, project development, SME management and project evaluation.

As well, I helped in design and implement the IRADA Program Award for outstanding pilot projects and I prepared a guide for programs and funding institutions for IRADA which is currently published on the website of the Ministry of Planning.

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