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Rugayah Nasralla Nayaz

Current position: Associated professor at Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University, college of Literatures and Arts, Islamic Sciences Division.
Specialty: Islamic Principles – Islamic Faith and Contemporary Doctrines (Awsol Al-Dien, Aqudahwamadhahebmoaserah).
Sub-specialty: Call to Allah and Discipline (DawahwaEhtisab).
Maser degree title:  “Roles of Using Intimidation in Calling to Allah in holy Quran and Sunnah”, with Distinction, 1996.
Doctoral degree title: “The Jurisprudence and Comprehension of Calling to Allah in Al-Bukhari Book”, with Distinction and First class honor, 2000.
Work as Assistant professor between 2001 to 2007.
Head of Islamic Sciences Division at Girls College for four years, 2002-2006.
Has 13 published research articles in scientific journals.
Participating as a Speaker in 5 international conferences in Turkey, Malaysia, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.
Participating as a speaker in more than 50 meeting and conferences locally.

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