Mu’tasim Adnan Al Mahadeen

Mu’tasim Adnan Al Mahadeen

Mu’tasim Mahadeen is the Regional Coordinator and Training Consultant of the Youth Program in the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for International Affairs in Amman, Jordan. Mu’tasim strongly believes in the power of youth and communities in contributing to the desired development in society – people are the catalyst of any development process that responds to their need and vision.

Mu’tasim comes from a background of working with youth projects. He provides capacity building training to youth, tackling the issues of self-awareness, appreciation and development, besides a range of life skills topics to help them think and decide about their involvements in their own local communities. He works to empower them to consider the potential of youth-led initiatives, advocacy campaigns, debate clubs, dialogue clubs and networking. Mu’tasim was directly involved in working with civil society as part of a capacity-building team at institutional level.

Mu’tasim is passionate about politics, democracy, human rights, diversity, global citizenship and pluralism, and seeks ways to be involved in these issues of concern.

Mu’tasim holds a Bachelor at Political Science and a Masters of International Relations. He is also a training expert and certified dialogue facilitator with several organizations internationally, regionally, and locally.

Significant Participation and Contributions include:

  • Trainer on Democratic Transition, Pluralism and Diversity with Gustav Stresemann Institute, Germany
  • Trainer and Consultant on Developing Curricula with Identity Center, Jordan
  • Trainer on Pluralism, Diversity and Citizenship, Adyan Foundation, Lebanon
  • Trainer on Debate Skills with UN Women, Jordan
  • Trainer on Critical and Creative Thinking with Creativity Club, Jordan
  • Trainer on Leadership Skills with Danish Refugees Council, Jordan
  • Trainer, Consultant and Judge on Debate Skills with All Jordan Youth Commission, Jordan
  • Trainer, Consultant and Judge on Debate Skills with Debate Foundation, Jordan
  • Trainer on Debate Skills and Dialogue Facilitator with Munathara Initiative, Tunisia
  • Trainer and Consultant on Developing Training Manuals with Creativity Club, Jordan
  • Trainer on Dialogue Skills with Mu’tah University, Jordan
  • Trainer on Life Skills with Creativity Club, Jordan.

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