Global Learning Partners

Madona Yahia

I am a health care professional (a clinical pharmacist) who chose to pursue a career in education because I enjoy passing on the knowledge and helping students find keys to grasp medical knowledge instead of just giving them material to memorize.

I believe that learning is a lifelong process and we always have room to improve our ways, even if we apply the most recent educational methods. For that reason I chose to take this workshop, and for the same reason I always try to criticize and improve my methods to help my students acquire from me tools to solve their problems and search for information since in our field facts are always changing and what is correct today might become outdated tomorrow.

I do believe that nowadays we are surrounded with technology that makes it easy to access information yet it has becomes a challenge to have an educated generation. Students have become dependent on technology so they are spending less time on building their critical thinking and analytical skills. As a result, my personal mission with every encounter with them is to challenge them to optimize their use of these tools in order to properly retrieve the information so that they become reliable and efficient healthcare professionals.

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