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Khairiah Mohammed AL-Qahtani

Khairiah Mohammed AL-Qahtani. Professor of contemporary doctrines and comparative religions.

Married and I have six children. My family take the first place of my interests so I give enough time for them. I am Addicted to reading, writing and authoring. I like volunteer works and the participation in the charity celebrations.  I have a desire in the development and I always read the stories of success and experiences. I like to consult the specialists for the aims of advancement and development.

I often join scientific conferences and cultural seminars to gain academic and life skills such as self-enrollment relevant to the development of academic and professional courses.

If you looked for me you will find me in public libraries between bookshelves for the reasons of searching and acquaintance. Teaching takes the first rank in my scientific and practical life. I consider my students as my daughters. The dealing between me and them is the base in transparency, respect, accepting the opinions and debating. My relationship with them do not  ends at the university limits however I like to  communicate with them by e-mail ,text messages and phone calls after the  graduation. I like to share with them the latest developments in scientific and academic field.

I worked for ten years in administrative work which provided me with some sort of ability to self-control, acceptance of others and knowing the patterns of the characters, which gave me the skill of good listening and the discussion of meaningful dialogue. I love everything related to the university and community service. I have contributed through awareness lessons and cultural lectures and active participation in cultural weeks and charity markets.

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