Ms. Hadeel Hatamleh is an instructor and officer in the Education, Outreach and Awareness Department at Petra National Trust (PNT), organization for cultural heritage. She was graduated TOP of her class in her B.Sc. degree in Cultural Resources and Museum Management.

”I have started my career path as an officer at Petra National Trust, immediately after graduating from Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism & Heritage in Hashemite University in Jordan.

I was introduced to Petra National Trust and community organizations through one of my university professors. Through the support of the organization and its believe in the importance of building the capacity of its staff, I attended different training courses that helped me to become an instructor within the same organization.

During my work with PNT, I gained the knowledge and experience to work with women, children, youth and people with disabilities, which strengthened me as a person and as a new instructor.

Now I feel the difference between the usual learning methods we used to follow and this new method of Dialogue Education. It has impacted me as a person, a learner, an older sister and as an instructor.