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Elsayeda Ibrahim Ahmed

I’m Dr. Elsayeda Ibrahim Ahmed is an assistant professor of nursing at the University of Zagazig, Egypt and Princess Noura bint Abdel Rahman University,  Saudia Arabia. I received my B.S, from Cairo University and M.D and PHD from Zagazig University.

I have distinguished in the academic work, and professional relationship with others. I’m flexible in working with a variety of people from different backgrounds. I’m productive, responsible, and have professional ethics. I’m very hard worker, motivating and inspiriting to my peers and students. I’m excellent in solving problem, resolving most of the work conflicts among faculty members in the college

I’m brilliant and competent in academic performance, teaching nursing management course, therapeutic communication course and teaching and learning process course. I’m membership in the college council, executive committee, student affairs, and as a head of the committee for students’ rights. I apply interactive teaching in our courses.

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