Ellen Kupp

Ellen has spent more than 25 years on the front lines of developing ways and words that engage people. She combines strong strategy and project management skills with her creative competence in all aspects of content development. She excels at bringing people and pieces of the puzzle together to create learning solutions that work.

Ellen has spent the majority of her career in and around World Vision, in a progression of positions in Canada, East Africa and then internationally. She began developing a range of facilitation skills in the mid-2000s as she worked on strategic initiatives for the organization, bringing together diverse voices and ideas from across the world, using face-to-face meetings and emerging technologies to create consensus that informs decision-making.

This continued as Ellen moved into a consulting in 2007, and due to the international nature of the work, began expanding into developing online learning. Together with various partners and technologies, she has created almost 20 different online or blended learning courses for World Vision International’s strategic, programmatic and marketing initiatives.

Ellen now works to blend her core strategic communications and facilitation skills with her creative side using a range of digital tools to weave adult learning principles through engaging video, design, animations and written content.

Ellen lives in Guelph, Ontario with her husband David. Their three adult children are spread across north America. They are all drawn to gather on a small island in Georgian Bay whenever possible.

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