Global Learning Partners

Dr. Intesar Hamad A. ALmugren

I strongly believes that the change starts from the inside so it has started from myself and decided to build the skills and knowledge they possessed and which are not possessed, and I think that the main objective of teaching is the lasting impact of learning events, and that the different styles of students in learning and teaching makes learning climate positively within the classroom, the students affected professor through his enthusiasm and show the passion about the students and their learning, have formed my experience in teaching through experiences that have already been passed out, and my concern for the development of myself and self-first, through constant research for innovative methods of learning and teaching, and my reading specialist in curriculum and teaching methods and regenerative methods of influencing the teaching to be more effective, and through attending a large number of specialized training courses, conferences and workshops in teaching methods, and education in general.

And as a university professor in the specialty curricula and teaching methods, I am committed to using active learning and educational dialogue during lectures and make the student at the center of the educational process, and what falls beneath the different methods as learning peers, and reflections of self in the classroom and giving impressions and feedback between students through interactive and cooperative small groups, which gives students the opportunity to express and find it and listens to comment.

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