Angela Sims Winfrey

Angela Sims Winfrey is the Community Empowerment Director of Divine Empowerment Leadership and Family Development Institute and Lead Facilitator of Divine Power Transformation Network, LLC. The success of her work is contributed to more than 35 years of national and international work experiences as a community organizer, social justice advocate, trainer, facilitator, consultant and coach. In her spare time, Ms. Winfrey is a writer and authoress. She shared some of her experiences in her inaugural book “Livin’ Out of Boxes, Lettin’ Go of Bags: A Spiritual Journey of Divine Empowerment.” Motivated by her community organizing and social justice work, Ms. Winfrey has also designed and implemented a community empowerment curriculum called, Moving From Victims to Victors. This curriculum facilitates a healing and transformative process for leaders, groups, and organizations that addresses the internalization of oppression and powerlessness.

Ms Winfrey has also served as the lead consultant and executive coach for evidence-based organizational, and program curriculum design and development. In this role, Ms. Winfrey uses a questioning and learning framework to support business and organizational leaders and team leaders implement activities to develop a base of evidence for programs and services designed to improve the well-being and outcomes of disadvantaged children and families.

Ms. Winfrey’s has an extensive range of career experiences which includes positions with, the Housing Authority of New Orleans, Girl Scout Council of Southeast Louisiana, Great Expectations, St. Thomas-Irish Channel Consortium. and the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond. Ms. Winfrey’s academic studies reflects her professional and vocational goals of improving functioning and outcomes of nonprofit organizations and with a focus on Organizational Psychology, Executive & Life Coaching and Pastoral Counseling. When it comes to work life balance, Ms. Winfrey is equally committed to her two children, Brandon and Malaikia and sees them as the source of her daily inspiration.

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