Amal Halabi

Amal Halabi

I have over 22 years in-depth experience in microfinance, development, management and financial consulting. I have worked for numerous private co-operations, non-governmental, and international agencies in Jordan and the region. I have provided a wide range of services to business owners, organizations, and institutions to ensure the success of their plans and projects, whether start-ups or existing.

I carry a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science from Jordan University.

Main areas of expertise include:

  • Facilitating workshops and courses, including principles of micro-finance, project management, and feasibility studies
  • Preparing feasibility studies covering a wide variety of topics in all sectors
  • Conducting market studies
  • Creating business plans
  • Designing training materials and training trainers, including in project management
  • Working with youth and helping to prepare them for employment
  • Developing business and investment ideas
  • Conducting strategic planning
  • Supporting the development of urban and rural areas.

Job functions that I have performed include:

Played a vital role as a Management Development Consultant and Trainer in Amman to generate interests in skills development and present new ideas for establishing or expanding businesses
Facilitated the linking of entrepreneurs with the private and public-sector business development service providers, and identified market trends and project opportunities in different areas
Assisted entrepreneurs to assess financial sources throughout feasibility studies, business plan development, marketing plans, preparing and analyzing financial statement and cash flow
Developed as an Area Manager at Micro Fund for Women institution, establishing or expanding businesses for women, strategic plans for the training and hiring of loan officers and field advisors, and opening new areas for developments
Developed and prepared promotion plans and marketing plans for expansion and promotions.

I consider myself to be a great communicator and am detail-oriented as well as target-oriented. I have expertise in communicating to a diverse audience both verbally and in writing. Also, I care about teamwork and am a major player in the success of my department. I strive to have a creative approach to solving problems and implementing solutions.

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