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Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach: The Power of Dialogue in Educating Adults

Jane Vella | June 2002 | Jossey-Bass | ISBN 0-7879-5967-7

In this updated version of her landmark book, celebrated adult educator Jane Vella revisits her twelve principles of dialogue education with a new theoretical perspective gleaned from the discipline of quantum physics. Vella sees the path to learning as a holistic, integrated, spiritual, and energetic process. She uses engaging, personal stories of her work in a variety of adult learning settings, in different countries and with different educational purposes, to show readers how to utilize the twelve principles in their own practice with any type of adult learner, anywhere.

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Taking Learning to Task:  Creative Strategies for Teaching Adults

Jane Vella | 2000 | Jossey-Bass | ISBN: 0-7879-5227-3

In Taking Learning to Task, Vella builds on her earlier books and shifts the spotlight from teaching tasks to learning tasks. Unlike traditional teaching methods, learning tasks are open questions that lead to open dialogue between teacher and learner. Vella draws from current theory and practice to explore the meaning and power of learning tasks. To illustrate this unique approach, she provides seven steps to planning learning-centered courses, four types of learning tasks, a checklist of principles and practices, critical questions for instructional design, key components for evaluation, and other invaluable tools.

Vella also shares real-world examples of successful learning programs, including online and distance-learning courses. Teachers, trainers, and all types of instructors will find a wealth of advice for refining their day-to-day practice.

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On Teaching and Learning: Putting the Principles and Practices of Dialogue Education into Action

Jane Vella | November 2008 | Jossey-Bass | ISBN: 978-0-7879-8699-5

On Teaching and Learning takes the ideas explored in renowned educator Jane Vella’s best-selling book Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach to the next level and explores how Dialogue Education has been applied in educational settings around the world. Throughout the book, she shows how to put the principles and practices of Dialogue Education into action and uses illustrative stories and examples from her extensive travels. Dialogue Education values inquiry, integrity, and commitment to equity—values that are also central to democracy. Learners are treated as beings worthy of respect, recognized for the knowledge and experience they bring to the learning experience. Dialogue Education emphasizes the importance of safety and belonging. It is an approach that welcomes one’s certainties and one’s questions.

On Teaching and Learning was nominated for the 2008 Cyril O. Houle Award for Outstanding Literature in Adult Education.

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Dialogue Education at Work: Case Studies

Jane Vella and Associates | 2004 | Jossey-Bass | ISBN: 0-7879-6473-5

“This book… is a collection of 24 stories of dialogue education used in very diverse situations and settings around the world. It is not meant as eulogy but as action research. One reader said: ‘The major strength of the book is that the authors present many practical strategies for enacting dialogue education in real world contexts. I think this book extends the coverage of the topic of dialogue education to a wide range of organizational and social contexts.'”- Jane Vella

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How Do They Know They Know? Evaluating Adult Learning

Jane Vella, Paula Berardinelli, Jim Burrow | 1998 | Jossey-Bass | ISBN: 0-7879-1047-3

How can we measure the effects of training, especially those using engagement, dialogue, and learning by doing? This book provides a practical process and approach to measuring training at a learning, transfer and impact level, and also provides practical tools for determining the effectiveness of the learning that takes place in programs and learning initiatives.

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Training Through DialogueTraining Through Dialogue:  Promoting Effective Learning and Change with Adults

Jane Vella | 1995 | Jossey-Bass | ISBN: 978-0-7879-0135-6

A lively, step-by-step approach to training the trainers of adults. Using numerous examples from a variety of settings, author Jane Vella compels instructors to critically examine their old teaching model and discover a new experience in education.

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