Tuesdays with Jane: Week #10

(Tuesdays with Jane is a virtual learning series for those wishing to read or re-read Jane's books and immediately apply their new learning to their workplace. In preparation for this task, read Chapter 9 of Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach.)

Learners as Decision Makers:  Harnessing the Power of Self through Respect

The memory of those weeks in Nepal gave me chills of joy and excitement as I read Chapter Nine! The snow capped mountains, the Himalayas! The spirit of that group of Save the Children Nepal expert staff! The laughter in that dirt floored stable!

I think this is my favorite story in the whole book because it is dense with learning: principles, practices, examples, situations used to evoke new thinking, and new actions!  

Wouldn’t you love to talk to Durga today?

I must confess that I was in tears as I read page 145 on Ram Bhal’s design for the closure of the workshop!      

Some great lines from Chapter Nine:

  •   “The content of a course is sheer potential, waiting for learners and teacher to develop it to fit their context.” p130
  •   “Durga … pointed proudly to himself, saying, ‘Subject!’” p130
  •   “Imagine a toothache six days walk away from a dentist!” p131
  •   “They named the stable gaiko got: ‘the place of learning.’” p133
  •   “Education and training are only as good as they are accountable.” p134
  •   “’Talk, talk, talk,’ she had said. ‘All they do is talk, and we… we learn nothing!’” p136
  •   “Perhaps the best part of this dialogue education approach is that the teacher learns, changes, and grows.” p146


What struck you most in this chapter? What ideas, attitudes or skills from this chapter have you used in your designing and teaching?

Where is your personal gaiko got?