Tell Me How You are Doing with a Card

How does a facilitator know when groups or individuals are hard at work on a task you have set, or are stuck and want some help?  When learners are hard at work for extended periods of time, I don’t hover. These are times for me to get out of the way, so learning can happen.

So, how do learners let me know where they are at and if I am needed?

Here is a simple technique:  coloured cards. You can buy them with words:

Or, I make coloured cardstock tents that stand on each learner’s table. GREEN = “I’m fine and don’t need any help,” YELLOW = “I have question, but it’s not urgent,” and RED + “Help! I’m stuck.” It’s simple, easy to use, and effective.

Let’s stop hovering, so learning can happen.


What tools to do you use in workshops and courses to help maximize learning?