Social + Behavior Change Communication: Capacity-building Program for Worldwide Use

The Project

Global Learning Partners, Inc. (GLP) was invited to collaborate with C-Change, an international communication specialists, to co-design, field-test, and revise a capacity-building package on the topic of Social and Behavior Change Communication. The C-modules were co-authored with follow-up work by GLP consultants. The package was designed specifically to guide staff of NGOs to manage large social change efforts. The learning methodology is built on fundamental principles of dialogue-based learning, the specialty of GLP. We also drew on globally renowned facilitation practices of Visualization in Participatory Programmes (VIPP). The course is now available worldwide and has been accessed in high numbers by a range of international organizations.

Based on the success of this capacity-building package, GLP and the partner company Dynamind, Inc. were also asked to develop an e-learning course for Managers of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Together, we assessed priority content for the e-learning course, created innovative learning evaluation tools, and crafted multiple, interactive modules using the USAID designated platform. Subsequently, GLP was hired again to develop companion modules that allow staff to delve more deeply into SBCC “theory corners” which run throughout the learning package. We also developed a supplemental facilitators’ guide for the application of theory and theory corners.

The Value

This multi-year, multi-country effort demanded that we work closely with C-change staff to identify practical strategies for NGO managers and create opportunities for them to use these strategies in their own communication programs. The package offers people many different tools and examples from which to learn about effective communication efforts, and try out the tools that work for them. It combines practical strategies and tools, with real-life examples. We rose to the tough challenge of transforming theory into engaging learning opportunities for busy staff, worldwide.

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