Learning English in Japan

As I sit down today to write my blog post I am thinking of the people of Japan. I find it hard to focus on much other than the staggering news reports about the destruction of the massive earthquake and tsunami, which was strong enough to shift the earth’s axis, causing the planet to spin a little faster. One of the few things I know about Japan is that the country deeply values and has a strong commitment to education. Adult education in Japan is called “social education” or shakaikyôiku  and lifelong learning is a priority at the highest levels of government. I also had this perception that education is very traditional, with a master teacher lecturing from the front of the room. This may be more true than not, but I found this video report on learning English by studying President Obama’s speeches to be rather interesting. Check it out and see what tools of dialogue education you can identify.And if you've not already donated to help with relief efforts, donate through our friends at World Vision, who are helping out.

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