Dialogue Education as Praxis

I have the honor and privilege of preparing a new book for Jossey Bass Wiley. As usual, I was feeling daunted by the task, and shared my concern with Paula Berardinelli, GLP’s new COO. She offered this insight.  “I think of an hourglass – you put into it the theory of many sages and out came this simple, accessible system we call Dialogue Education.  Then, many people put in their practice, their designs, their developing theory and out of it comes a renewed theory and practice. That’s what I see you are writing now.”

Thanks again to Paula who keeps me going! One good line from that new theory is “The design bears the burden.”  A sound design keeps us out of the way, gets learners moving into the hard work of learning, and assures that it occurs.

–Jane Vella on the Back Porch

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