Focus Matters

Just like a photograph can bring a specific dimension of a scene into focus or to our attention. Writing about why we do what we do can bring new insights. Part One B: Teasing-Out How Our Theory of Learning/Teaching Matters Some readers will remember the invitation in the last post of mine (May 27). I thought I would share one of my attempts here (in response to the last post) just in case someone else might like to see an example. An example where I hit a wall, I might add! It could go like this: I model and teach Deep Structure Living because People gain insights about themselves and the world People can see how what is brought to them can serve to enlarge the way they see, as often as things are seen as barriers or challenges and limit our view So that he/she can choose the actions that are most appropriate for him/her So that he/she feels more in control of their life, less vulnerable But wait, I don’t think we are control of our life; I think we are in control to a certain extent, of our responses. Hmmmmm. How does this strike you? Take a turn if you like.

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