A Few New Axioms

SlowYou are going to have to walk slowly to keep up with me! is my warning offered to those who dare to go for a walk with me these days.

Another new axiom I am living by is Keep your eyes off the clock! Both of these speak to my predilection for “busy," for “productive," for “hurry up.” Hey! I’m retired: this is as dressed up as I get. This is as fast as I go. This is as much as I can do.

I’m afraid my cherished axiom – learning needs three things, in this order:  time, time and time! – is under serious scrutiny. Keep your eyes off the clock is more to my taste these days. Perhaps in our eighties we get to choose our favorite axioms.

Have you noticed how flexible time is: when I am doing what I love, time flies. When I am working at something tedious and somewhat difficult . . . the hands of the clock will simply not move! Love what you do and time is a delightful friend, keeping up with you and your current energy.

Another new (and somewhat related) axiom:

Dialogue Education works as a learning system because the teacher works so hard at designing it.

Abraham Lincoln said, “If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening my axe.“ That good man must have known about the designing of Dialogue Education:  long, hard, necessary work!

It is beautiful to be retired now and to be able to keep my eyes off the clock. It is also challenging for a man or woman to change the predilections and habits of a lifetime, to slow down and enjoy the sweet gift of life.

I expect I am (slowly) sharpening my axe . . .



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