The Team

GLP is a majority women-owned business operating internationally and across the U.S. to support organizations in doing their best work.

Global Learning Partners (GLP) takes great care to understand what it is you need and then matches you with the best trainers, facilitators or consultants available from our worldwide network.


All of our GLP Core Consulting Team members are highly experienced in facilitation and consultation; our Senior Partners are world-renowned experts in Dialogue Education with global experience.

Our staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to support the work and strategic vision of GLP.

Jeanette Romkema, Senior Partner + Strategic Director

Jeanette Romkema

Senior Partner + Strategic Director

Peter Perkins, Senior Partner

Peter Perkins

Senior Partner

Valerie Uccellani, Senior Partner + Consulting and Network Coordinator

Valerie Uccellani

Senior Partner + Consulting and Network Coordinator

Rachel Nicolosi, Partner + Communications Coordinator

Rachel Nicolosi

Partner + Communications Coordinator

Tyler Phillips, Partner

Tyler Phillips

Partner + Learning-Centered Organizations Coordinator

Andrea Van Liew, Partner
Rebecca Kerin-Hutchins, Business Director

Rebecca Kerin-Hutchins

Business Director

Buffy Root, Virtual Systems Coordinator

Buffy Root

Virtual Systems Coordinator

Meg Logue, Marketing & Creative Support Coordinator

Meg Logue

Marketing & Creative Support Coordinator


Our Board of Directors guides and supports the activities of the GLP staff with an eye to grow the value of the company.

Peter Noteboom, President

Peter Noteboom


Kokeb Kassa, Vice Chair

Kokeb Kassa

Vice Chair