"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Strengthening Your Ministry Through Dialogue Education

Dialogue Education™ (DE) is a learning-centered system of teaching and curriculum design that is uniquely purposeful, engaging, and collaborative. Unlike traditional methods that push information onto passive learners, DE brings the learner into active relationship with both the content and the learning process, maximizing the potential for real impact. As a result, DE has the power to utterly transform your ministry work. Whether you work with small groups, youth groups, service projects or a new learning program in your church, DE offers tools and principles to make your planning and teaching more meaningful and engaging.

In this dynamic one-day workshop, you’ll directly experience core concepts and practices of Dialogue Education that you can implement right away. By the time you leave, you’ll have practiced using helpful tools and skills that will re-engage your passion and purpose for ministry.

Dialogue Education

Based on the insights and pedagogy of Dr. Jane Vella, Dialogue Education focuses on how adults learn best, by becoming active participants in their own learning experience. DE is highly collaborative, and recognizes the rich resource of knowledge each person brings in to the session so that this becomes part of the fabric of learning. The methods are proven and the results are measurable and profound. Further explore DE’s unique benefits.

“Each learning event is a moment of spiritual development when people practice being what they are: subjects of their own life and learning.”

~ Jane Vella

Jane started her journey into this work while she was a Maryknoll sister in East Africa. She developed these principles and practices through hands-on experience in New York, East Africa and around the world as a global training director. In turn, she formed a unique community of educators through Global Learning Partners who have continued to grow and build on her insights.

Who Can Benefit From Dialogue Education?

Dialogue Education has been successfully used worldwide by thousands of individuals, organizations, including those in the non-profit, NGO, corporate, academic, religious, and government sectors.

More specifically, Dialogue Education can have a transformative impact on your ministry if you are involved in:

  • organizing a conference or meeting
  • teaching or facilitation Bible study
  • preaching
  • building ministry capacity
  • implementing programs
  • developing small groups

Learning how to skillfully use the building blocks of Dialogue Education will:

  • Build your confidence as a teacher, trainer, facilitator, volunteer, organizer or preacher.
  • Guide you in designing a clear, structured, yet flexible curriculum for any learning event, and an environment for learning that is challenging, safe, and engaging.
  • Allow you to guide your learners through a meaningful and profound shift in their knowledge, with demonstrable long-term results.
  • Re-ignite your passion for teaching, volunteering and leading others.

By the end of this workshop you will have . . .

  • Examined how to make learning real, meaningful, and relevant
  • Created a 30-minute design for learning using the 8 steps of design
  • Used the 4-A model for designing learning tasks to ensure learners personalize and use their new learning
  • Integrated cognitive (ideas), affective (feelings) and psycho-motor (actions) domains into your learning tasks or learning event, to teach and design holistically

Strengthening Your Ministry with Dialogue Education can also be offered as a customizable, in-house workshop for your church or organization. The length, content and focus can be tailor to your needs and your situation. We’ve taught in many languages and are happy to try to accommodate your language preference. Please contact us to explore the possibilities for working together.

Class size: up to 25 (due to participative, learning-centered approach)
Length: 1 full day

Tuition includes all workshop materials and supplies, a substantial workbook, and two teaching tools. You also will receive your own copy of Dr. Jane Vella’s book, Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach.

Course Schedule

July 20, 2015 - July 20, 2015

Chicago, Illinois USA

$675.00 (Early Bird $389.00 | Before May 1, 2015)

We want to make our courses as accessible as possible to organizations and individuals with limited funds.  We invite non-profits, universities, students, and government organizations to take advantage of our subsidized courtesy rates if funding is a barrier for you, and our early bird deadline has passed. Our Courtesy Rate for this course is $450.00.

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