"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Resources Tagged "Learning"

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School of the 80s: Learning from Leisure, Experience, and Vulnerability learning, jane vella, vulerability
Turning Lemons into Lemonade facilitation, learning, challenges, virtal learning
School of the 80s: Learning from Leisure, Experience, and Vulnerability learning, jane vella, vulnerability
Re-igniting a Passion for Teaching (and learning!) teaching, learning, change, foundations in dialogue education, teacher
Tuesdays with Jane: Week #5 dialogue education, adult learning, teaching, learning, jane vella, dr. jane vella, learning to listen learning to teach
Valedictorian “Schools” her Teachers: A Sign of Learning learning
The Praxis of Dialogue dr. jane vella, adult learning, learning, teaching, jane vella, dialogue, dialogue education
Your Brain on Ink learning, journal entry, engagement, adult learning
Teacher as Neuroplastician? dialogue education, adult learning, blogging towards baltimore, neurology, neuroplasticity, learning
Upping the Ante on Brainstorming: 5 tips to increase group creativity and productivity tips & tools, dialogue education, adult learning, training, learning, facilitation, dialogue, engaging meetings
Drawing to Learn: A Journey of Self Discovery journal entry, dialogue education, learning
Dialogue Education Essentials: Safety jane vella, dialogue education, curriculum design, teaching, training, learning, facilitation, adult learning, tips & tools, blogging towards baltimore
Dialogue Education Essentials: Laughter jane vella, dialogue education, engagement, learning, training, facilitation, humor in learning, blogging towards baltimore
The Value of Design: A Student and Instructor Reflect on Why It Matters dialogue education, teaching, adult learning, learning, dr. jane vella, dialogue, curriculum design
What Do You Think Causes Malaria? Asking Questions Appropriately consulting, dialogue education, teaching, training, engagement, learning, facilitation, adult learning, engaging meetings, dialogue
Manage Your Power in the World - Dialogue Education and Parenting? dialogue education, learning, dialogue, coaching
Naming the Work: Employing Verbs in Facilitation teaching, adult learning, learning, facilitation, tips, engagement, verbs
8 Questions for Understanding Your Learners tips & tools, dialogue education, courses, adult learning, learning, teaching, curriculum design, engagement
4 Steps for Learning that Lasts tips & tools, dialogue education, adult learning, tips, learning, teaching, facilitation, training, curriculum design, engagement, dialogue, the 4a model, the 4as
Goodbye TMI, Hello LIM (Less is More) consulting, dialogue education, adult learning, teaching, learning, facilitation, training, curriculum design, dialogue
4 Simple Suggestions for Better Meetings courses, consulting, dialogue education, learning, adult learning, engagement, facilitation, engaging meetings
Ten Dialogue Education Tips for Camping dialogue education, learning, engagement, camping, 8 steps of design
5 Tips for Working With Small Groups 7 steps of design, adult learning, curriculum design, dialogue education, engagement, engaging meetings, facilitation, humor in learning, learning, teaching, training
The iPhone vs. Dialogue Education teaching, dialogue education, training, learning, facilitation, adult learning, engagement, engaging meetings
Distance Learning - What Are Your Insights? dialogue education, courses, learning, teaching, adult learning, training, distance learning

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