"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Resources Tagged "Dialogue"

Name Tags
Quick Checklist of 5 Tips for Engaging Webinars elearning, webinar, adult learning, facilitation, dialogue
Active Learning Held in High Esteem at One of Nation's Top Medical Colleges active learning, strategic planning, process, adult learning, facilitation, dialogue
Learning about Dialogue in Middle School elementary school, dialogue, children
Digital Training – Enabling Better Discussion? (Part III of V) technology, e-learning, virtual, digital learning, digital training, dialogue, group work
Digital Training – Inevitable yet Inferior? (Part I of V) technology, e-learning, virual, digital learning, dialogue
Participatory Decision-Making* : Dot-mocracy meetings, decision making, voting, dialogue, tips & tools
Consensus Decision-Making* : Dot-mocracy meetings, decision making, tips & tools, dialogue, voting
Enliven Your Museum Experience: Strategies for Engaging and Interacting with Art mary jane oliveri, open questions, art, museum, dialogue
Shared Power: Differences in Dialogue with Children and Adults dialogue education, teaching, drew boa, children, elementary school, love, dialogue, power
Enliven Your Museum Experience: Strategies for Engaging and Interacting with Art dialogue, open questions, art, museum
Tips for Entering and Staying with Tough Dialogue tips & tools, dialogue education, dialogue
The Praxis of Dialogue dr. jane vella, adult learning, learning, teaching, jane vella, dialogue, dialogue education
How to Stop Dialogue and How to Make Dialogue Thrive dialogue, jane vella
Meta–Culture: Talking for Understanding, Listening for Change dialogue
Upping the Ante on Brainstorming: 5 tips to increase group creativity and productivity tips & tools, dialogue education, adult learning, training, learning, facilitation, dialogue, engaging meetings
The Value of Design: A Student and Instructor Reflect on Why It Matters dialogue education, teaching, adult learning, learning, dr. jane vella, dialogue, curriculum design
What Do You Think Causes Malaria? Asking Questions Appropriately consulting, dialogue education, teaching, training, engagement, learning, facilitation, adult learning, engaging meetings, dialogue
Manage Your Power in the World - Dialogue Education and Parenting? dialogue education, learning, dialogue, coaching
4 Steps for Learning that Lasts tips & tools, dialogue education, adult learning, tips, learning, teaching, facilitation, training, curriculum design, engagement, dialogue, the 4a model, the 4as
Goodbye TMI, Hello LIM (Less is More) consulting, dialogue education, adult learning, teaching, learning, facilitation, training, curriculum design, dialogue
10 Ways to Get Some Quick Feedback facilitation, teaching, engaging meetings, dialogue, feedback

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