"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Resources Tagged "Curriculum Design"

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On Assessing Learning Needs & Resources: The Art of the Question adult learning, dialogue education, curriculum design, courses, teaching
How a Learning-Centered Approach Differs curriculum design
Finding the Sweet Spot curriculum design
5 Way to Create Tough and Engaging Online Team Tasks curriculum design, e-learning
Using Dialogue Education in One-to-One Situations tips & tools, coaching, planning, curriculum design
3 Things Seasoned Facilitators Can Learn From E-Facilitation e-learning, adult learning, facilitation, curriculum design
Dialogue Education Essentials: Safety jane vella, dialogue education, curriculum design, teaching, training, learning, facilitation, adult learning, tips & tools, blogging towards baltimore
What Good Are Warm Ups? tips & tools, dialogue education, adult learning, facilitation, curriculum design, warm-ups, icebreakers
10 Axioms for Learning Design (and just what IS an axiom, anyway?) tips & tools, adult learning, dr. jane vella, dialogue education, teaching, training, facilitation, curriculum design
The Value of Design: A Student and Instructor Reflect on Why It Matters dialogue education, teaching, adult learning, learning, dr. jane vella, dialogue, curriculum design
8 Questions for Understanding Your Learners tips & tools, dialogue education, courses, adult learning, learning, teaching, curriculum design, engagement
4 Steps for Learning that Lasts tips & tools, dialogue education, adult learning, tips, learning, teaching, facilitation, training, curriculum design, engagement, dialogue, the 4a model, the 4as
Goodbye TMI, Hello LIM (Less is More) consulting, dialogue education, adult learning, teaching, learning, facilitation, training, curriculum design, dialogue
5 Tips for Working With Small Groups 7 steps of design, adult learning, curriculum design, dialogue education, engagement, engaging meetings, facilitation, humor in learning, learning, teaching, training
5 Tips for Working in Large Groups adult learning, conference facilitation, curriculum design, dialogue education, engagement, engaging meetings, facilitation, meetings, pair work, teaching, training

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