"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

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Ensuring Safety in Your Learning Events tips & tools
8 Tips for Balancing Dialogue with Content tips & tools
10 Tips for Effective Small Group Facilitation tips & tools
15 tips for working effectively with interpreters tips & tools
Design Layout - a template and tips tips & tools
checklist for your design tips & tools
10 Tips to Get People Talking tips & tools
10 tips to effective email communication - with colleagues and clients tips & tools
10 ways to get quick feedback tips & tools
10 Tips for Using Guidelines tips & tools
10 Tips for Using Effective Visuals tips & tools
10 Ways to Minimize Resistance tips & tools
10 Tips for Effective Faciliation tips & tools
10 Tips for Co-Training tips & tools
10 Tips for Co-Facilitation of Meetings tips & tools
10 Steps for Preparing Your Workshop tips & tools
10 Critical Principles tips & tools
5 Tips for Working with Small Groups tips & tools
5 Tips for Working with Large Groups tips & tools
Tips for Staying in the Present Moment tips & tools
Resistance Overcome by Courage tips & tools
Open Questions tips & tools
No Right Answer and a LOT to Learn tips & tools
Minimizing Resistance Checklist tips & tools
More Open Questions tips & tools
Learning Task: Meeting and Planning for Resistance tips & tools
Learning Task: Tough Situations: How to Overcome Resistance tips & tools
How Am I Ensuring Meaningful Decision-making in my Learning Events? tips & tools
Learning Task Assessment Matrix tips & tools
Example Actions for Leveling the Playing Field tips
From Learning Tasks to Back at Work tips & tools
Active Listening: Practicing Safely With a Trusted Peer tips & tools
Active Listening Cards tips
A Dialogue with Resistance - a workshop by Bert Troughton tips
Simplicity! tips & tools
Warm-ups: Sequence, Congruence, Affect tips & tools
From Criticism to a Practice of Inquiry tips & tools
Education as the Practice of Freedom tips & tools
Designing Respectfully for Learners with Varying Levels of Experience tips & tools
Gratitude for the Principles & Practices of Dialogue Education™ tips & tools
Talking Too Much? tips & tools
LNRA: What’s in a Question? tips & tools
Dialogue and Staying on Track tips & tools
Open Questions and their Relationship to Levels of Cognitive Learning using Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonom tips & tools
Reinforcement: Same Melody, Different Key
Creative Learning Events or “Same Old, Same Old”? tips & tools
30 Ways to Affirm
17 Warm-up Examples

Jane Vella Resources

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