"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

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{resource_file} Facilitation of Real Ownership {/resource_file}
{resource_file} Trekking Between the Mountains: Ethically & Healthily Multi-Religious Belonging {/resource_file}
{resource_file} Turning Sodom into Zion – From Conflict into Prosperity {/resource_file}
{resource_file} Christian Mission In Light of Our Environmental Moment {/resource_file}
{resource_file} Leading in Congregation and Community {/resource_file}
{resource_file} Facilitation for Real Ownership {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Tip sheet - How to ensure hospitality in the design and faciliatation {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Comment l’Education par le Dialogue se Distingue {/resource_file} French
{resource_file} Tableau Comparatif de l’Education Traditionnelle,  l’Education par le Dialogue et l’Education Inform {/resource_file} French
{resource_file} Le modèle des 4 A {/resource_file} French
{resource_file} All’s Well That Ends Well: Plenary Sessions {/resource_file} Exceptional Conferences
{resource_file} 10 Tips for Honouring and Inviting Diversity in Group Learning {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} 6 Core Principles for Learning {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} The Principles and Practices of Dialogue Education {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} Three Levels of Listening {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Steps of Planning Cartoon {/resource_file}

(To access copy and paste this link: http://bit.ly/conferencecartoon)

Exceptional Conferences
{resource_file} Sample Plenary Session Design {/resource_file} Exceptional Conferences
{resource_file} What Is the Purpose of The Conference? {/resource_file} Exceptional Conferences
{resource_file} How a Learning-Centered Approach Differs {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} Tips for Room Set-Up and Use {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Hybrid Learning Example: Mathematica Policy Research’s CIRE Forum {/resource_file} Technical Assistance and DE
{resource_file} Sample Evaluation Guide for Facilitators {/resource_file} Learning Evaluation
{resource_file} Tips for Effective Use of Flip Charts {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Tips for Effective Time Management {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Maximizing Generativity with AI and DE {/resource_file} Other Congruent Practices
{resource_file} 10 Tips for Making Decisions in the Workplace {/resource_file} DE at Work
{resource_file} DE at Work Book: Foreward by Margaret Wheatly {/resource_file} DE at Work
{resource_file} What Good Are Warm-Ups? {/resource_file} Writing Learning Tasks
{resource_file} Upping the Ante on Brainstorming {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} 6 Tips for Using PowerPoint to Engage People in Dialogue {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} 3 Tips for Engaging Presentations {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} The Walk and Talk {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} The Importance of Punctuality {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Creating the Space for Real Dialogue {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} 10 Tips for Managing Data to Document Learning & Change {/resource_file} Writing Learning Tasks
{resource_file} Persons with Disabilities: Part II {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} Persons with Disabilities: Part I {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} The Art and Skill of Engaging People {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} The Medium is the Message {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} Where Aboriginal Practices and DE Meet {/resource_file} Other Congruent Practices
{resource_file} Principles to Practice Framework {/resource_file} Spanish
{resource_file} 8 Steps of Design {/resource_file}
{resource_file} Signs of DE {/resource_file} Persian
{resource_file} About GLP {/resource_file} Persian
{resource_file} GLP Course Samples {/resource_file} Persian
{resource_file} Multiple Intelligences Sample Design {/resource_file} Chinese
{resource_file} About DE {/resource_file} Chinese
{resource_file} Signs of DE {/resource_file} Chinese
{resource_file} About GLP {/resource_file} Chinese
{resource_file} Signs of DE {/resource_file} Arabic
{resource_file} GLP Course Samples {/resource_file} Arabic
{resource_file} About DE {/resource_file} Arabic
{resource_file} About GLP {/resource_file} Arabic
{resource_file} Finding the Sweet Spot {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} Sample Webinar PowerPoint {/resource_file} Virtual Learning
{resource_file} Sample Webinar Participant Workbook {/resource_file} Virtual Learning
{resource_file} Sample Webinar Participant Preparation {/resource_file} Virtual Learning
{resource_file} 12 Tips for Wondrous Webinars {/resource_file} Virtual Learning
{resource_file} 4 Simple Suggestions for Better Meetings {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} 6 Core Principles Virtually! {/resource_file} Virtual Learning
{resource_file} 5 Way to Create Tough and Engaging Online Team Tasks {/resource_file} Virtual Learning
{resource_file} 3 Things Seasoned Facilitators Can Learn from E-Facilitation {/resource_file} Virtual Learning
{resource_file} Ways to Support Change When Language or Memory in a Challenge {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} Tips to Help Organize Workbooks & Written Documents for People Living with Dementia {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} Ensuring Safety in Your Learning Events {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} 8 Tips for Balancing Dialogue with Content {/resource_file} Other Great Resources Beyond Definition
{resource_file} 10 Tips for Groups Where Language May Be a Challenge {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} Six Things You Thought Wrong About Introverts {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} Introverts vs. Extroverts: Tips for Designing and Facilitating {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners
{resource_file} Tips for Supporting Young Introverts {/resource_file} DE In Our Day to Day Lives
{resource_file} Thoughtful Decision-Making {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} 10 Tips for Effective Small Group Facilitation {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Dialogue Education Bibliography {/resource_file}

(To access, go to our GoogleDoc at bit.ly/DEbib)

Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} 8 Steps of Design {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} 11 Tips for Telephone Meetings {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} 10 Tips for Being an Effective Board Member {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} 10 Tips for Being a Strong Board Chair {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} 10 Tips for Being a Healthy Board of Directors {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} 4-A Planning Template {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} The 4-A Learning Sequence {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} Alternatives to Open Discussions {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} When is a Meeting the Way to Go? {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} The Facts About Meeting Mayhem {/resource_file} Impactful Meetings
{resource_file} Three Levels of Evaluation {/resource_file} Learning Evaluation
{resource_file} Starting with the Syllabus {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} A University in Ghana {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} The First and Last Day of Class {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} Start Modeling Dialogue Education in Your Syllabus {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} Moving From Monologue to Dialogue {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} Creating a Learning Environment {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} Using a Learning Needs and Resources Assessment {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} Some Frequently Asked Questions {/resource_file} Dialogue Education in the University
{resource_file} Bringing the Sacred into Learning {/resource_file} Writing Learning Tasks
{resource_file} Accountability Planner {/resource_file} Learning Evaluation
{resource_file} 6 Core DE Principles Examples {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} 10 ways to get quick feedback - in Haitian Creole {/resource_file}
{resource_file} 15 tips for Working Effectively with Interpreters {/resource_file} Facilitation Skills and Issues
{resource_file} Design Layout - a template and tips {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} Checklist for Your Design {/resource_file} Learning-Centered Design
{resource_file} 10 Types of Learners {/resource_file} A Focus on Learners

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