"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Margaret Bean

Margaret has designed and led training in the U.S., Brazil, France, Russia, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Canada, the Philippines, Bangladesh, New Caledonia and India.  She has facilitated dialogue education in remote villages, in urban and corporate settings and as asynchronous online courses. She designed and taught two graduate school courses in the U.S. and in France. She has lived in five countries in Europe, Oceania and Africa and is fluent in French.

For 29 years she worked with SIL International, a global linguistics and minority language development organization. There, Margaret co-founded Learning that LASTS, a grass-roots, global train-the-trainer workshop spawned and blessed by Jane Vella. For nine years Margaret was International Coordinator, teacher and coach for the Learning that LASTS community, which has grown to include thousands of alumni , translation into 10 languages, and certified teachers from many countries. Her Master's degree thesis, "Training National Translators with Application to Melanesia," won top honors at Fuller School of Intercultural Studies.

Currently Margaret is a Senior Instructional Designer for 7-Eleven, working in the company’s corporate office in Dallas, Texas, where she is responsible for the design and content of their operations training. In 2014 she won the Brandon Hall Best Learning Team gold award for building and developing a cross-functional team to collaborate and consult in developing, implementing and continuously improving this training program. She also designs training for leadership, employees, and national conferences. Margaret also is a Certified Behavioral Consultant for the DISC profile and is a Lumina Learning Practitioner for the LuminaSpark profile. She especially likes applying these tools to help groups in teambuilding.

Margaret enjoys games, cooking and canning, exercise, the arts and hanging out with her two young adult children – Jonathan and Libbie.

Margaret can be reached at 214-514-8122.

Margaret Bean