"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Kinda Ahmad Jaradat

Kinda Jaradat is Monitoring and Evaluation specialist with over 10 years of experience in M&E Learning, capacity-building, and cross-cutting programmatic information management.

Kinda has a Master's in International Relations in addition to certifications in qualitative research and evaluating development programs. Kinda believes in the power of learning to inform decision-making and strategic guidance.

For the past four years, Kinda has focused on capacity-building in M&E and has offered M&E trainings and mentoring to learners from Civil Society Organizations with a USAID funded program. Coming from a development background, Kinda believes that capacity-building in the area of M&E enables learners and development practitioners to plan better and implement more responsive and inclusive programs that better serve their beneficiaries.

Kinda believes Dialogue Education is "more than a training methodology but more of a learning practice that engages and connects people at professional, social and personal levels making learning more powerful and desired change more possible."

Kinda Ahmad Jaradat